Tritones & Phat Chords

Lesson Run Time: 106 minutes / Release Date: 07/21/2009

Learn how to effectively use tritones to add spice to your arrangements. I’ll also teach you how to create fuller, richer chords with Upper Structure Triads and Quartal voicings.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

What is a tritone?
What is a substitution?
Chords that use tritone subs
Tritones and the bass
V7 to I example bII7 to I
ii – V7 – I example ii – bII7 – I
Dominant vs. Tritone resolution
Available tensions on Dom 7
Voicings with quartals
Inverting quartals
Tensions that work well together
Voicings with U.S.T.
Using the U.S.T chart
Using the quartals chart
Applying to Abide With Me


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