The Old Rugged Cross

Lesson Run Time: 92 minutes / Release Date: 02/26/2011

In this lesson we will be working through arranging this 6/8 traditional piece using re-harmonization techniques in The Old Rugged Cross. We will also focus on various ways to ‘groove’ on a 6/8 song and use grooves in your improvisation.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Melody and Time feel
6/8 Groove exercise
Diminished Exercise
Arr. m1 – Fill in the groove
Arr. m2 – Precede w/ Dom7
Arr. m3 – Scale chords
Arr. m4 – IV over I
Arr. m5 – Change quality of IV
Arr. m6 – Diminished harmony
Arr. m7 – Walk ups
Arr. m8 – Reharm
Arr. m10 – Delayed resolution
Arr. m11 – ii-V of I
Arr. m14 – IV chord to minor
I to IV groove



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