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Lesson Run Time: 93 minutes / Release Date: 05/05/2010

You will learn how to re-harmonize the song and play the arrangement. We will also cover improvisation and I left room for a “followup” chapter to answer students questions about the lesson! The discovery phase in this lesson lets you see exactly how I create an arrangement. We will cover re-harmonization and arranging techniques on-the-spot so you see the process.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Discovery phase pt. 1
Discovery phase pt. 2
Discovery phase pt. 3
Arrangement Played
Arrangement Part 1
Arrangement Part 2 (m.4)
Arrangement Part 3 (m.5)
Arrangement Part 4 (m.10)
Arrangement Part 5 (m.11)
Arrangement Part 6 (m.17)
Arrangement Part 7 (m.25)
Improvisation Part 1
Improvisation Part 2


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