Slow, Soulful Blues

Lesson Run Time: 79 minutes / Release Date: 07/18/2010

This slow and soulful blues song teaches you how to create that slow, gospel-sounding blues feel. In addition to learning the song, we will cover many other concepts to help you apply these techniques to your own pieces.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Introduction to Soulful Blues
Left hand accompaniment techniques
“Jazz” chords – chords with tensions
Approaches into the next chord
Left-hand summary
The Song Part 1 (Franks Blues)
The Song Part 2 (m. 4)
The Song Part 3 (m. 8)
The Song Part 4 (m. 10)
Walk ups / Walk downs pt 1
Walk ups / Walk downs pt 2
Free improvisation
Wrap Up


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