Slow Minor Blues

Lesson Run Time: 77 minutes / Release Date: 01/15/2011

In this lesson we will cover 5 different minor chord progressions in the key of G minor. We will also move into the 6/8 time signature and talk about how to combine progressions to create your own progression. Less time will be focused on improvisation because our focus will be gaining more freedom with our left hand through bass patterns.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Minor Blues Chords and Analysis
Basic minor chord groove
Progression 1 bassline
Progression 1 chords
Progression 2
Progression Combinations
Progression 3 pt 1
Progression 3 pt 2
6/8 Basic blues pt 1
6/8 Basic blues pt 2
6/8 Extended blues pt 1
6/8 Extended blues pt 2


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