Slow, Blues Improvisation Vol. 1

Lesson Run Time: 81 minutes / Release Date: 08/27/2010

If you are new to improvising over the blues, or you want to do more than “hunt and peck” using the Blues scale, this lesson is for you. We will cover over a half-dozen scales that you can use for improvisation and you’ll learn how to “hit” the important chord tones in your solo. I also teach you note-for-note a cool blues improvisation that works perfectly with the Slow, Soulful Blues lesson.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Introduction to Slow Blues Improv
Scale review
Left-hand accompaniment techniques
Triplets vs. Swung eighth notes
Grouping Patterns
Arrangement part 1
Arrangement part 2 (m. 3)
Arrangement part 3 (m. 5)
Arrangement part 4 (m. 8)
Arrangement part 5 (m. 10)
Arrangement part 6 (m. 11) – conclusion


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