Rhythm Changes Improvisation pt 2

Lesson Run Time: 68 minutes / Release Date: 09/29/2012

Starting where Volume 1 left off, in part two we will be covering soloing techniques that you can use over Rhythm Changes. These techniques can be applied to all styles of improvised music, so blues players, church musicians, rock players and jazz players can ALL use these techniques. In addition, I cover some really fun bassline in 10ths techniques along with advanced sounding (but easy) constant structure improvisation concepts.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Ex. 4 – Approaches pt 1
Ex. 4 – Approaches pt 2
Ex. 5 – Small Moves pt 1
Ex. 5 – Small Moves pt 2
Two-handed chords pt 1
Two-handed chords pt 2
Bassline in 10ths pt 1
Bassline in 10ths pt 2
Arrangement ideas


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