Ray Charles – Bebop Blues

Lesson Run Time: 64 minutes / Release Date: 05/05/2012

For this lesson, I transcribed (3) choruses from a YouTube video featuring a Ray Charles bebop blues. In the lesson I will teach you step-by-step each of the choruses and also show you how to practice the song so that you can incorporate these ideas into your own soloing. If you like the bebop and blues sound, you’ll love this lesson.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

The Bassline
Chorus 1 (m1-6)
Chorus 1 (m7-12)
Chorus 2 (m13-18)
Chorus 2 (m19-24)
Chorus 3 (m25-30)
Chorus 3 (m31-36)
How to practice this piece


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