Original Song – Funky Jazz Gospel

Lesson Run Time: 77 minutes / Release Date: 10/29/2011

In this original song (in 3 sections) I will show you how to create FULL chord voicings while also creating a progression with motion using tri-tone substitutions and other techniques. The sound of this song will appeal to many of you, especially if you like that “smooth jazz” contemporary sound. In this lesson I am using a Nord Electro keyboard which has very nice electric piano sounds. At the end of the lesson, I spend time on improvisation over the C section, giving you more techniques to use in your soloing.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

A Section pt 1
A Section pt 2
A Section pt 3
B Section pt 1
B Section pt 2
B Section pt 3
B Section pt 4
B Section pt 5
C Section
Improvisation pt 1
Improvisation pt 2
Improvisation pt 3


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