Modulation Techniques

Lesson Run Time: 89 minutes / Release Date: 10/01/2009

In this lesson I cover several different modulation techniques that you can use to move between keys. I use the songs Amazing Grace and What A Friend We Have in Jesus as examples. You’ll learn about pivot chords, diminished sequences and other common and not-so-common modulation tricks!

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Modulations introduction
What is a modulation?
Key centers vs. modulation
Dominant motion for modulation
Diminished to dominant sequences
Diminished to dominant C to Bb
Diminished to dominant to relative min.
Dominant chord modulation
Pivot chord modulation – introduction
Common keys and finding pivot chords
Amazing Grace – F to C
Amazing Grace – F to Bb
Borrowed minor key chords
Amazing Grace – F to Ab (borrowed)
Amazing Grace – F to Db (sus4)
Amazing Grace – F to Eb
Diminished to ii-V sequence
Amazing Grace – F to Ab (create pivot)
Amazing Grace – F to Ab (diminished)


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