Melodic Minor Harmony pt 1

Lesson Run Time: 80 minutes / Release Date: 01/28/2012

In this first lesson on Melodic Minor Harmony, we will go through each mode of the scale. I will give you examples from some jazz standards, but also show you how I like to use these chords in my playing. You will find a lot of interesting sounds in this lesson and it is great to learn this scale no matter what style of music you play. In Part 2 we cover more of the minor ii-V-i, parallelism and how to use these chords for reharmonization.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

What are modes?
Mode 1 – minor Major 7
Mode 2 – sus4 flat 9
Melodic minor Improv Tips
Mode 3 – Lydian Augmented
Mode 4 – Lydian flat 7
Mode 5 – slash chord
Mode 6 – Locrian Natural 9
Mode 7 – Altered scale


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