Manha De Carnaval/Black Orpheus

Lesson Run Time: 75 minutes / Release Date: 01/30/2011

Manha De Carnaval from Black Orpheus is one of Luiz Bonfa’s most famous songs. In this lesson we will be breaking down the improvisation of the song first and add an arrangement at a later date. I will cover a few techniques that you can use in both group and solo settings. I will also play it a bit faster (like you will often find on gigs). This lesson is for the intermediate to advanced student.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Analysis pt1
Analysis pt2
Analysis pt3
Improv part 1
Bring in the chord
Chordal improv
Mini sequences
Using Motifs
Harmonizing a line
Using a montuno pattern
Going outside of the harmony
Advanced topics pt 1
Advanced topics pt 2


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