Advanced Pentatonics and Quartals – Vol. 1

Lesson Run Time: 122 minutes / Release Date: 05/15/2015

In this Live-to-Library lesson you’ll learn how to start incorporating quartal voicings and pentatonic scales into your playing. We focus especially on how to use quartals for left-hand chord voicings, use quartals in our solo and how to use a pentatonic scale to improvise over our quartal voicings. In part 2 we will be covering how to create more advanced licks out of pentatonics and quartals to use for improvisation.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Step 1 – 24 bar Minor Blues
Step 2 – Minor Chord Quartals
Step 3 – Constant 16th Notes Exercise Over Minor
Step 4 – Constant 16th Notes Exercise Over Sus
Step 5 – Constant 16th Notes Exercise Over Altered
Step 6 – Quartal 16ths Over Minor
Step 7 – Quartal 16ths Over Sus
Step 8 – Quartal 16ths Over Altered


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