Jerry Lee Lewis Style

Lesson Run Time: 80 minutes / Release Date: 11/12/2011

Get ready for some rocking piano! This lesson will show you how to create the exciting piano style of Jerry Lee Lewis. We will use the progression of Great Balls of Fire to create a blues arrangement with many of Jerry’s classic licks. I’ll also show you some of Jerry’s keyboard “stunts” and teach you how to not hurt yourself while rocking heavy on the piano. Grab your cup of coffee for this lesson…it’s intense!

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Song introdution
Arrangement Left Hand
Adding the Right Hand
B Section
B Section pt 2
Glissando pt 1
Glissando pt 2
Glissando in the Song
Other Licks pt 1
Other Licks pt 2
Jerry Lee Technique pt 1
Jerry Lee Technique pt 2


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