Jazz Piano Improvisation Volume 3 (bebop)

Lesson Run Time: 78 minutes / Release Date: 11/01/2009

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Bebop Scales
How to swing the scales
Bebop scales in different keys
The descending bebop scale V-I and ii-V-I
Descending 1/2-whole diminished
Diminished chord built on the b9
Diminished arpeggios with 4-note blocks
Sequencing diminished arpeggios
Leaping fourth in Major
Leaping third in minor
4-note approaches (delayed resolution)
Common bebop line
Common bebop line (ii-V-I)
Two-measure ii-V-I ex. 1
Two-measure ii-V-I ex. 2
Two-measure ii-V-I ex. 3
(3) one-measure ii-V-I examples
Tips & Wrap up


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