Gospel Accompaniment – You’ve Got A Friend

Lesson Run Time: 71 minutes / Release Date: 08/06/2011

Using a lesson request from a student, I created an accompaniment lesson on a gospel version of You’ve Got A Friend. In this 2-part lesson I will show you the rich gospel chords and how to ‘fill the space’ using a more gospel/jazz style. In addition, you will learn some nice transition chords. These are chords that move use smoothly between the larger I-IV-V chords.


Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Notes about transcription
Part 1 (m1-m5)
Part 1 (m1-m5) continued
Pat 2 (m6)
Part 3 (m9)
Part 4 (m16)
Part 5 (m22)
Part 6 (m25)
Part 7 (m30)


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