El Manisero – The Peanut Vendor

Lesson Run Time: 67 minutes / Release Date: 12/03/2011

This fun song has been played by many musicians and is a very popular and famous cuban song. In this lesson I will teach you several different left-hand accompaniment patterns and how to create an arrangement. I broke this song into modules, making it easier to create your own arrangement. You will enjoy moving between modules, creating your own improvisation (which we discuss) and “jamming” on this groove.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Intro Groove in G
Intro Groove (part A)
Filler Groove (part B)
Melody pt 1 (part C)
Melody pt 2 (part D)
Improv lick 1 (part E)
Improv lick 2 (part F)
Improv lick 3 (part G)
Advanced chords pt 1
Advanced chords pt 2


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