Diatonic Chords

Lesson Run Time: 35 minutes / Release Date: 06/26/2015

Would you like to know what the Beatles, Journey, and Johann Pachelbel can teach you about diatonic harmony? Have you ever wondered about the meaning of all those “theory terms” that advanced musicians use, terms like “scale degree,” “diatonic chords,” or even “Roman numeral analysis”? If so, this lesson is for you because it will completely clarify your understanding and help you “talk the talk.” You will learn these concepts step-by-step and get practical examples while learning what a scale degree is, how to create diatonic triads and 7th chords, and why Roman numeral analysis is so critical in developing your ability to memorize and transpose songs.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

What is a Scale Degree
Stacking 3rds to Create Triads
Using Roman Numerals
Stacking 3rds to Create 7th Chords


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