Lesson Run Time: 189 minutes / Release Date: 01/01/2014

CorePiano™ teaches you the basics of the piano. Whether you’re unwrapping your new keyboard or want to learn some fundamentals, CorePiano will get you ‘up to speed’ for your learning experience!

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Notes of the piano
Low and high notes
The musical alphabet
Finger numbers
How to sit at the piano
The grab technique
Five finger scale
G clef guideposts
Steps and skips
Half and whole-steps
Higher and lower on staff
The F clef
The grand staff
Barlines and measures
Time signatures
The Pedals
Playing hands together
Sharps and flats
Natural symbol
Playing hands together pt 2
Reading notes in groups and intervals
Legato and staccato
Major 5 finger scale
Minor 5 finger scale
Chords major and minor triads
Chord symbols
Key signatures
Basic rhythms


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