Clave and Montunos

Lesson Run Time: 125 minutes / Release Date: 07/21/2009

Learn the essence of Latin/Salsa music with this lesson on the clave and montunos. You will learn how to play several different montunos along with a left-hand bass pattern.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Introduction to Latin Piano
Introduction to the Clave
Playing the Clave
The Pulse
Clave with the Pulse
Typical Montuno Rhythm
Montuno Rhythm over C chord
Montuno in Harmony
Montuno with the Pulse
Adding the Tumbao
Tumbao with the Montuno
C6 Montuno with Tumbao
C6 Montuno in Inversion
Montuno in Octaves
C-F-G progression
C-F6-G progression
C-F6-G progression (3-2 Clave)
3-2 Clave alternate start
3-2 Clave alternate montuno
C-F6-G progression in Octaves
C-F-G montuno in OCTAVES Alternate
C-F-G montuno in OCTAVES Alternate 2
C-F-G montuno Alternate 2 in triads
Outer-Inner Triads/Octaves
Alternate Montuno with Arpeggio
Montuno with Arpeggio in Octaves
Montuno with Arpeggio in Octaves 2


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