Autumn Leaves

Lesson Run Time: 130 minutes / Release Date: 04/07/2008

In this lesson, I’ll teach you how to improvise over the standard Autumn Leaves. I’ll also show you different practicing tricks to make it easier to learn the song and the improvisation. Many students ask me “What do I start with and where do I go from there?” I’m going to lay this out so you have a “plan of attack” to make it easier to learn these important concepts.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

The Solo (at tempo)
Analysis Pt. 1
Analysis Pt. 1-2
Analysis Pt. 1-3
Analysis Pt. 2-1
Analysis Pt. 2-2
Analysis Pt. 2-3
Analysis Pt. 3-1
Analysis Pt. 3-2
Analysis Pt. 4-1
Analysis Pt. 4-2
Analysis Pt. 4-3
Analysis Pt. 5-1
Analysis Pt. 5-2
Analysis Pt. 5-3
Analysis Pt. 6-1
Analysis Bass Pt. 1
Analysis Bass Pt. 2
Analysis Bass Pt. 3
Analysis Bass Pt. 4
Analysis Bass Pt. 5
Analysis Bass Pt. 6
Chords pt. 1
Chords pt. 2
Chords pt. 3
Chords pt. 4
Chords pt. 5
Comping pt. 1
Comping pt. 2
Comping pt. 3
Practice Tips pt. 1
Practice Tips pt. 2
Practice Tips pt. 3

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