Analysis, Memorization and Transposition

Lesson Run Time: 90 minutes / Release Date: 06/27/2010

In this important lesson, I will teach you techniques for analyzing the structure of songs. Once you learn how to analyze a piece of music, it becomes much easier to both improvise and transpose that song to new keys. We will work through analysis for songs: Ain’t Misbehavin’, All The Things You Are and I Could Write A Book.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Analysis Introduction
Diatonic harmony
Analysis Symbols
Deceptive Resolution
Tritone resolution
Analyze the song (1)
Analyze the song (2)
Analyze the song (3)
Transposing to a new key
All The Things You Are – analysis
Memorizing the song
I Could Write a Book – analysis
Transpose I Could Write A Book
Improvisation Scales


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