Advanced Jazz & Blues Vol 2 (lesson 1)

Lesson Run Time: 64 minutes / Release Date: 09/17/2011

In this 2 lesson set, we will cover a more advanced 12-Bar blues. We start in this lesson by learning two choruses of an original blues called Blowin’ On The Blues. This song is a great way to explain your voicings and learn new techniques to make your blues playing sound more sophisticated. Next, in lesson 2 we will cover improvisation over the song.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Part 1 (m1)
Part 2 (m6)
Part 3 (m9)
Part 4 (m13)
Part 5 (m18)
Target Notes
Part 6 (m21)
Scales for improvisation
Sprints – Getting faster


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