Radiohead – Paranoid Android

Lesson Run Time: 93 minutes / Release Date: 07/23/2011

Learn Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” along with advanced techniques to make this song your own. We will cover all sections of the song along with alternate bass lines and right hand fills. We will also discuss how to learn a song by ear and what to listen for. If you like that rock piano sound, you’ll like this lesson a lot. The last section of the song is very pretty and is open to a lot of improvisation, making it fun to jam on this song.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Figuring out songs by ear pt 1
Figuring out songs by ear pt 2
Song introduction
A section pt 1
A section pt 2 (m17)
B Section
C Section
D Section pt 1
D Section pt 2
Advanced concepts pt 1
Advanced concepts pt 2
Advanced concepts pt 3


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