Improvisation With Chords and Inversions

Learn how to improvise and create chord progressions. Several common progressions are discussed. Great lesson on creating a modern piano sound.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

  1. Why use chord tones for improv?
  2. Diatonic triads and seventh chords
  3. Common chord progressions
  4. Creating your own chord progression
  5. Using chords outside the diatonic scale
  6. Inverting Chords
  7. The flat VII chord
  8. Flat II III VI chords
  9. Harmonic motion (chord rhythm)
  10. Diminished passing chords
  11. Dominant motion
  12. Slash passing chords
  13. Breaking up the chords: arpeggios+
  14. Adding the 9th
  15. Suspended chords and grace notes
  16. Creating a chord improvisation

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