Basics of Improvisation

Lesson Run Time: 190 minutes / Release Date: 01/01/2008

This 2-lesson set will teach you improvisation techniques over Satin Doll and Canon in D. You’ll learn both Jazz and Pop/Rock improvisation styles. You’ll also learn about approaches into chord tones. You should go through Jazz & Blues Made Easy and the E-LESSONS before starting this lesson.

Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson:

Songs we are covering
Chords And Their Inversions
Comping Chords
Improvising Using the RH pt1
Improvising Using the RH pt2
What To Do In The Left Hand?
Left Hand Rhythms
Pseudo Bass Line
Putting Hands Together
Beyond Chord Tones pt1
Beyond Chord Tones pt2
Licks With Approaches
Lick Exercises
1-6-2-5 Exercises
Jam With The Band
Play-a-long 1
Play-a-long 2


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